Fashion consulting, branding, and digital services.

Getting Started

At VBC, we specialize in growth marketing; product positioning, strategy, and advertising to sales channels and brand development advice.

Our team designs custom strategies and plans to fit your brand needs and helps you find the right influencers and digital media channels to bring your project to market. We craft messaging to captivate and engage your customer base, providing customer insights and research necessary for effective marketing and growth.

From driving website conversions to launching new products, VBC has the experience and resources to help you achieve your goals. By tracking our strategies' success, we can identify and pivot when necessary to guarantee growth.

Working with VBC, you instantly have an entire team of seasoned fashion & brand industry experts ready to help shape and execute your vision.

Phase 1: Planning & Strategy


We provide a comprehensive analysis of your brand and its business goals, with recommendations on product positioning, audience segmentation, target goals, messaging, and sales channel strategy. We empower you to -

  1. Identify effective methods to distribute and scale your brand
  2. Brand world and story development
  3. Brand name consultation


  1. Access a project implementation schedule - with a time and action calendar for development, testing, and production; management of the calendar
  2. Guidance on the raw material comparison, cost analysis, quality control, and various production methodologies
  3. Factory and materials vendor sourcing/set-up for client brand

Phase 2: Product & Brand Design



We develop your key brand assets and apply them to your products. This includes:

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